Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental da Alta Paulista 2023-05-06T18:30:39-07:00 Sandra Medina Benini Open Journal Systems <p>Temos o prazer de informar que o Periódico Eletrônico <strong>"Forum Ambiental da Alta Paulista"</strong> obteve o <strong>Qualis</strong> <strong>A2</strong> -<a href=""> Resultado divulgado 29/12/2022</a></p> <p>A Revista Eletrônica <strong>"Fórum Ambiental da Alta Paulista"</strong> destina-se à divulgação de trabalhos científicos, fruto de pesquisas empíricas, experimentais ou conceituais, resultantes de pesquisas de mestrado, doutorado ou afins.</p> <p>Revista Foco - <strong>"Meio Ambiente"</strong></p> <p>Área Interdisciplinar</p> <p>Atenção - A partir de 2020 os artigos serão publicados em inglês e português.</p> <p>Não serão aceitos para submissão artigos de autoria ou coautoria de alunos de graduação ou pós-graduação, "todos os autores" devem estar vinculados a programas stricto sensu ou possuir titulação mínima de mestre.</p> Biovalley analysis as a LID control to delay surface runoff in the city of Recife/PE 2023-04-09T04:48:13-07:00 Kássia Carneiro da Silva Santana Willames de Albuquerque Soares <p>Urban growth brought with it the formation of large impermeable areas in cities, causing a reduction in the infiltration of rainwater into the soil and an increase in the volume of surface runoff, causing setbacks on days of extreme precipitation events. In this context, the present research aimed to analyze the use of a biotaver as a Low Impact Development (LID) for delaying surface runoff in areas prone to flooding in the city of Recife/PE. As a methodology, the QGIS model was used to extract data from raster images, and the Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) for scenario simulation. Three scenarios were simulated with rainfall of 20.00mm, 39.00mm and 60.00mm. The results showed that the implementation of the bioditches provided a reduction in the total flow of the study area by 0.50% and in the maximum flow of the SB1 sub-basin for scenarios 2 and 3 by 77.96% and 41.23% respectively. In addition, there was a reduction in surface runoff of 11.15% on average and an increase in green area of 4.00%. The bioretention system showed infiltration ranging from 29.83mm to 89.35mm between the three scenarios. Thus, through the SWMM model, it was possible to analyze that the implantation of bioditches as a control for delaying surface runoff and increasing infiltration into the soil is valid, and the literature recommended that various types of sustainable devices be implemented and integrated into the existing drainage network and urban space so that more expressive results are possible.</p> 2023-04-09T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Urban Parks on the Political Agenda of the Municipality of Sao Paulo-SP 2023-04-09T04:58:27-07:00 Milena de Moura Régis Pedro Luiz Côrtes Ana Paula Branco do Nascimento <p>Urban parks perform different and important functions in cities, providing numerous environmental benefits and improving the quality of life of the city population. Studies that address the value of urban parks, as well as discuss the relevance of municipal planning and public policies aimed at building environmentally healthy cities, are essential. These aspects justify the development of this study, which aimed to identify whether urban parks are part of the political agenda of the previous and current management of the Municipality of São Paulo/SP. For the development of the theoretical framework of this study, a systematic review was carried out in the ProQuest, Scielo, Scopus databases, in which articles published between 2010 and 2020 were sought. In order to identify whether urban parks are part of the political agenda of the previous and current management of the Municipality of São Paulo/SP, a documentary research was carried out, and for that the Government Plan and the Guidelines of the Government Plan of the current/re-elected management from the city of São Paulo were consulted. The data revealed the importance of urban parks for the maintenance of environmental quality in urban areas and for the quality of life of the population that resides and transits through cities. Furthermore, it showed that urban parks are part of the political agenda of the previous and current/re-elected management of the municipality of São Paulo. Thus, urban parks are among the themes to which municipal management has dedicated its attention and has been developing a set of alternative actions for the maintenance of parks.</p> 2023-04-09T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Green Infrastructure and Healthy Cities: proposal for a Linear Park for the city of Itapuranga, Goiás (Brazil) 2023-04-14T17:09:34-07:00 Josimar dos Reis de Souza Andressa Rodrigues Santos Laís Naiara Gonçalves dos Reis <p>The instrument called Parque Linear must be, a priori, understood as an important sustainable measure for the use and occupation of urban green areas, in the environmental, social, economic and cultural spheres. These areas, within the Brazilian jurisdiction, are considered by the environmental legislation as Areas of Permanent Preservation (APP), that is, there are a series of prohibitions of constructions and so on. But they are characterized as residual spaces of the remaining natural landscape (when existing) and are, for the most part, invaded and degraded by the urbanization model adopted until today. Due to these problems, many cities in the world and in Brazil have sought to insert this type of park as a measure to mitigate the degraded state in which water courses in urban areas are found, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the population. Thus, this work aims to discuss and demonstrate the relevance of this theme, based on the proposition of Parque Linear in the urban area of Itapuranga, Goiás (Brazil), in the light of the movement for the construction of Healthy Cities, which aims to improve the quality of urban life. As a methodology, bibliographical research, cartographic production, field visit and dialogue with city residents were carried out. The results showed the possibility of installing a linear park adjacent to the GO-230 highway, which cuts through the urban area of the city (urbanized highway), taking advantage of the green areas already present in the stretch, which surround the Tamborim river. In addition, they provided demonstration of the importance of installing this type of instrument to promote the quality of urban life.</p> 2023-04-14T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 The importance of Urban Afforestation: analysis from the mapping of Syzygium malaccense and Licania tomentosa species in the urban area of Itapuranga, Goiás (Brazil) 2023-04-14T17:17:22-07:00 Josimar dos Reis de Souza Samara Cristina Azevedo Silva Laís Naiara Gonçalves dos Reis <p>The present work aimed to carry out a rereading of the work entitled “Survey of urban afforestation and evaluation of the environmental perception of the inhabitants of the city of Itapuranga-GO”, carried out by Rosilane de Faria and Valéria de Sousa, in 2012. the same areas that were mapped in 2012 were compared and evaluated, focusing on two species commonly seen on city sidewalks: Syzygium malaccense and Licania tomentosa, known as Oiti and Jambota; as well as a survey of the number of existing individuals was carried out. In addition, the existence of patterns was verified in the houses where the cataloged trees were found, given the fact that economic disparity is a factor in the formation of unequal spaces. The specimens located were georeferenced using a GNSS navigation device, model GarminEtrex Vista, and photographed in field work. Subsequently, a database was created in the laboratory with basic information to identify the individual: geographic coordinates, sector, street name, species height, scientific and popular name. As a result, the relevance of some tree species for the purpose of urban afforestation is discussed, in the same way that others are classified as not recommended. During the field incursions, a total of 954 individuals were catalogued, unevenly and disproportionately divided among the four surveyed sectors, considering that the trees found in squares and other areas were not computed. Finally, it was concluded that, contrary to expectations, the areas with the most trees are not the newest areas with the highest purchasing power, but the oldest sectors of the city, with a lower income population.</p> 2023-04-14T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Mobile Devices in Microdrainage Systems in the City of Recife-PE 2023-04-14T17:51:32-07:00 Cíntia Rafaela Lima dos Santos Willames de Albuquerque Soares <p>The catch basins have paramount importance for an urban drainage system, since its main functionality is to capture and control the volume of transported water from the ground to the existing network, until its arrival in rivers and seas. With disorderly urbanization, the volume of produced garbage grows and drainage systems are impaired. In this way, the present work presents some devices created and implanted in the microdrainage group in the city of Recife. Three eco-basket models were installed inside the collection boxes. The initial version, made of cast iron, did not present a good viability due to its mass, with approximately 30 kg. A second HDPE version was then created, showing positive results, however interactions with some external agents (mainly rodents) reduced its useful life. Finally, the third model was built in fiberglass, meeting expectations satisfactorily. The results obtained proved to be convincing, since that after the implantation of a minimum amount of devices, more than a ton of debris were removed, which would obstruct the microdrainage system, and thus, would potentiate the effects of flooding, still associated with diseases of water transmission and the pollution of urban waters.</p> 2023-04-14T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 What can Urban Waters teach us? Prospects of action in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro 2023-04-14T18:03:49-07:00 Eloisa Carvalho de Araujo <p>The work presented here is based on a continuous research process and aims to work on the environment from the understanding of the relationship of cities in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro, with its main urban rivers and to reflect on alternative solutions to the problems found. The challenge presented, in the ongoing research, from the experience of the Ubatiba River, in the city of Maricá, seeks to identify distortions and seek to make the reflections, within the principles of sustainability, produce effects on planning, design and management practices of the city, its urban waters. For this purpose, this investigation also intends to rely on the understanding and understanding of the existing legal provisions that guide the development of the target cities, committing, by bringing to the debate some reflections, based on theoretical-practical investigations, not to exhaust the theme, but rather to situate it as relevant in the face of the reality of the problems that surround cities, especially Brazilian cities, in contemporary times.</p> 2023-04-14T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Using photographs in consumer research of agricultural and livestock products 2023-04-27T15:52:37-07:00 Julia Vettori Manfroi Mariane Ferreira Franco Pedro Henrique de Melo Garcia Rafael Silvio Bonilha Pinheiro <p>Photographs provide momentary visual data that facilitate consumer understanding, thus visual research methods have been used to obtain their perceptions and experiences. We aimed to conduct a literature review using studies related to the theme of this paper, to obtain an overview of sustainability, animal welfare, consumer behaviour, and the use of photographs in animal science research. The analysis method considered was qualitative and the information was obtained from scientific articles from Google Scholar, Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) and Elsevier research platform databases, published in the last seven years, as well as from classical bibliographies to carry out a bibliographic survey related to the theme of the study. It was concluded that during the meat buying process, consumers' choices are determined mainly by the lowest price, origin, brand, product information, color, marbling, amount of fat, texture, freshness, type of cut and product conservation. The consumption of products from sustainable production and with animal welfare is still very low, mainly due to socioeconomic issues and lack of knowledge about the production process of animal products. The adoption of photographs in consumer research is capable of increasing the information load with reduced cognitive effort, reducing uncertainties during decision making. There is still a scarcity of works with photographs related to animal science and the increase would be opportune to avoid possible misinterpretations by consumers during the survey questionnaires.</p> 2023-04-27T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Controversies about the inheritance of sustainability models in the Brazilian beef chain 2023-03-29T18:55:26-07:00 Roberto Bazanini Miguel Eugenio Minuzzi Vilanova Celso Machado Júnior Arnaldo Luiz Ryngelblum <p>This essay aims to propose a sustainability model applied to the Brazilian beef production chain. The proposed model seeks to integrate the sustainability indicators of the corporate models and the names of the literature, having as reference the incorporation of the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles to the cosmovision of the Stakeholder Capitalism Model. The literature review, based on previous models on sustainability, showed that these models have gaps that need to be filled so that the materiality matrix of Socio-Environmental Reports (CSR) is effectively contemplated so that one can go beyond the rhetorical resources disseminated as greenwashing in various sustainability publications. The objective of this essay resulted in the presentation to the academy of a specific methodological tool to be applied along the beef production chain that contemplates the ESG materiality matrix in line with the Declaration of the Davos Manifesto in 2020.</p> 2023-04-27T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental da Alta Paulista The importance of green areas and public spaces for the urban climate and human well-being 2023-05-06T18:30:39-07:00 Nádia Gonçalves Leite Vanessa Lima Mota Fabio de Oliveira Sanches <p>urban comfort. The disorderly growth and lack of planning had negative consequences on the environment quality and the well-being of its inhabitants. Reflections and studies have demonstrated the improvement of the environmental quality also come from the green areas, a primordial element in the search for development with new planning practices. This work aims to analyze the literature on the influence of green areas and public open spaces on the environmental and climatological quality of cities, supporting urban microclimate and social well-being. As a methodological basis, a literature review was developed, which included books, articles, theses, and dissertations. After, it was analyzed how the urbanization process of cities and inadequate urban planning directly reflect on environmental comfort. Furthermore, to build an information base about the theme, the investigation of the contributions of green areas and public open spaces in this context was discussed. According to the results found, urban vegetation plays a fundamental role in a healthier built environment for all, and with that, the work helps in future research, and theoretical debates through the realization of this review and contributes to urban landscape projects.</p> 2023-05-06T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Anti-consumption: an integrative review to understand the current state of scientific production 2023-01-21T05:50:39-08:00 Letícia Rodrigues da Fonseca Daniel Carvalho de Rezende <p>This paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of the current status of scientific production about anti-consumption through an integrative literature review that identifies international and national studies published in highly relevant journals. The method applied was proposed by Botelho, Cunha &amp; Macedo (2011). A total of 101 papers published between 2011 and 2021 were selected at the end of the analyses. The objectives were to identify the main conceptual definition used in studies on this topic, the target audience, the level of analysis and arguments for anti-consumption, the most applied research method, and the scope of this research. Furthermore, this paper attempts to highlight the main criticism of this theory raised by the scholars in this field, clarify possibilities for future research and introduce a new theoretical model that summarizes how the anti-consumption phenomenon takes place in different contexts/situations according to the findings on the studies analyzed by this integrative review. Hopefully, this paper can contribute to advancing and developing this field at the theoretical and practical levels by setting a research agenda.</p> 2023-05-06T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental da Alta Paulista Performance analysis of decentralized sewage solutions for multifamily residential condominiums in Aracaju 2022-12-05T12:56:53-08:00 Matheus Carvalho Conceição Luciana Coêlho Mendonça Tatiana Máximo Almeida Albuquerque <p>The adoption of decentralized sewage treatment systems appears as an alternative for regions lacking sanitary infrastructure. Regarding Brazilian municipalities, they presented, in 2020, a sewage collection service rate for the urban population equal to 63.2%. Also, according to data from the National Sanitation Information System, in the municipality of Aracaju, capital of the state of Sergipe, the rate of collection of generated sewage is only 53.5%. Due this reality, investment in individual effluent treatment systems becomes a valuable alternative for areas that lack of sanitary infrastructure. In this work, the performance of domestic sewage treatment systems, used as individual treatment solutions in two multifamily condominiums in the capital of Sergipe, was evaluated. Physical-chemical monitoring of the individual sewage treatment systems was carried out, and the results indicated negative efficiencies in most of the analyzed parameters. As for the requirements of the current environmental legislation for the release of effluents, there was non-compliance with the legislation in almost all the time of observation. The lack of systems operation supervision by public agencies leads to failures that cause degradation of groundwater and surface water. Moreover, there is a lack of commitment to inspections and maintenance of the systems by those responsible for the condominiums. According to the types of solutions adopted, treated sewage with higher quality should be achieved and, thus, effluents with high loads of pollutants would not be released into water bodies.</p> 2023-05-07T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental da Alta Paulista Impact of desilting by excavation on water quality in a water reservoir in the municipality of Fernandópolis, SP 2022-11-28T18:30:08-08:00 Elise Baroni Ramos Cleber Fernando Menegasso Mansano Juliana Heloisa Pinê Américo-Pinheiro Luiz Sergio Vanzela <p>Desilting is an important job in restoring water reservoirs, but it disturbs the environment and has a potential impact on water resources. The objective of this work was to evaluate the impact of the desilting operation by excavation on the water quality of Córrego da Aldeia, Fernandópolis/SP. The experimental design was completely randomized in a 2x3x4 factorial scheme, in which the main factors were constituted by the runoff periods (with and without runoff), the secondary by the excavation periods (before, during and after excavation) and the tertiary by the points of monitoring (upstream points E1, E2 and E3 and downstream point S, in relation to the reservoir). Samples and analyzes of the physical, chemical and biological variables of the water were collected between July 2020 and March 2022. After that, analysis of variance of the isolated factors and their interaction was performed, followed by a mean comparison test. Through the results, it was observed that the work impacted the water quality in the concentration of ammonium and ammonia in 154.1% and 151.9%, respectively. The other qualitative water variables evaluated (water temperature, hydrogenionic potential, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, total coliforms and <em>Escherichia coli</em>) were impacted due to climate and/or use and occupation of the soil around the collection points.</p> 2023-05-24T00:00:00-07:00 Copyright (c) 2023 Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental da Alta Paulista