Land Use And Occupation And Socio-Environmental Impacts In The Municipality Of Sandovalina - SP


  • Isabel Cristina Moroz Caccia Gouveia PhD Professor, UNESP
  • Luciane Maria Dos Santos Master's Degree Professor, Unesp



Water Resources, Environment. Degraded Areas. Taquaruçu stream watershed, Sandovalina-SP.


 Given all the transformation that man produces on the environment, the original characteristics of the environments are modified or destroyed, resulting in environmental degradation, especially in places where once existed rich ecosystems and today are characterized by accelerated growth. In this sense, it is considered important to conduct an analysis of the use and occupation of land and its socio-environmental impacts, diagnosing the environmental quality of the watershed of the Taquaruçu stream in the municipality of Sandovalina - SP. In this way the methodology of this work were evidenced through analyses of the hydric behavior of the stream Taquaruçu, analyses of the state of the environmental quality of the spring and of the water and the physical and biotic characteristics of the areas, the identification of the uses and conflicts in relation to the hydric resources, and the transgressions to the environmental legislation.  Finally, it is concluded that after the analyses made and carried out in the Taquaruçu stream and in the municipality of Sandovalina, it was possible to prove that greater supervision and awareness of the entire population about these areas is necessary, since they are in a critical situation, even though they are of total importance for the municipality and the entire region.


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Gouveia, I. C. M. C. ., & Santos, L. M. D. . (2022). Land Use And Occupation And Socio-Environmental Impacts In The Municipality Of Sandovalina - SP. Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental Da Alta Paulista, 18(1).