About the Journal

Focus and Scope

The Electronic Journal "Environmental Forum of Alta Paulista" is aimed at the dissemination of scientific works and academic and professional interests related to the following topics:

- Hydrographic Basins, Planning and Management of Water Resources

- Biodiversity and Conservation Units

- Countryside, Agribusiness and Sustainable Practices

- City, Architecture and Sustainability

- Environmental education

- Geotechnologies Applied to Environmental Analysis

- Solid Waste Management

- Management and Preservation of Architectural, Cultural and Landscape Heritage

- Climate changes

- New Sustainable Technologies

- Landscape, Urban Ecology and Environmental Planning

- Health, Sanitation and Environment

- Tourism and Local Development

Peer Review Process

Each text will be forwarded to two referees. In case of divergence between the opinions, the text will be submitted to a third evaluator. The final decision on publication rests with the editorial board.


Continuous flow

Free Access Policy

This journal offers immediate free access to its content, following the principle that making scientific knowledge freely available to the public provides greater worldwide democratization of knowledge.