Potential reduction in drinking water consumption at the headquarters of the Regional Electoral Court of Pernambuco - TRE/PE


  • Amanda Rafaely Monte do Prado Master's student in Civil Engineering, UPE
  • Anna Elis Paz Soares PhD student in Water Resources, UFPE
  • Simone Rosa da Silva PhD Professor, UPE




Water conservation. Alternative sources. Public buildings.


Water conservation in buildings includes not only reducing the demand for potable water, but also adopting alternative sources for activities with less noble purposes. Public buildings under the jurisdiction of the Federal, State, and Municipal governments are required to promote actions aimed at the rational use and conservation of water, according to the responsibility established in the Environmental Agenda in Public Administration.In light of the above, this study aims to analyze the potential for reducing drinking water consumption at the headquarters building of the Electoral Regional Court of Pernambuco - TRE/PE through the use of alternative water sources, such as rainwater and condensed water from air conditioners. The methodology began with the characterization of the study site and the consumption of potable water.Subsequently, the technical and economic feasibility of rainwater and condensate water use was investigated, as well as a comparison between the proposed measures. The results obtained indicate that the techniques studied are beneficial, presenting significant potential for reducing the consumption of potable water that would be used for toilet flushing, 63% for rainwater use and 62% for condensate water.In addition, they can also provide annual financial savings of R$8,216.01 and R$8,045.74, respectively. Thus, besides reducing drinking water consumption, the proposed measures also promote the minimization of financial costs, whose capital can be used in the search for continuous improvement of services provided to society.


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Prado, A. R. M. do ., Soares, A. E. P. ., & Silva, S. R. da . (2021). Potential reduction in drinking water consumption at the headquarters of the Regional Electoral Court of Pernambuco - TRE/PE. Revista Nacional De Gerenciamento De Cidades, 9(73). https://doi.org/10.17271/2318847297320213007