The participatory process in the review of the Master Plan of Vitória (2014-2018)


  • Maressa Correa Pereira Mendes Architect and Urban Planner, Masters Student in Architecture and Urbanism, UNESP - PPGARQ
  • Jefferson Oliveira Goulart Professor Doctor, UNESP - PPGARQ



Participation. Master plan. Vitória.


The Federal Constitution of 1988 defined the Master Plan as a 'basic instrument' of urban development policy and subsequent legislation, which regulated the Urban Policy chapter (Estatuto da Cidade, Federal Law No. 10,257 / 2001), reinforced a set of participatory requirements in the availability and implementation of the corresponding policies. Based on this new institutional arrangement, this research paper analyzes a participatory structure in the process of reviewing the Master Plan for the municipality of Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, in the period 2014-2018. The investigation took as an analytical parameter the participatory methodology proposed by the Ministry of Cities, whose distinguishing feature was the dissemination of democratic management instruments. The empirical analysis shows that several participatory mechanisms were implemented, such as public hearings of regional and social segments, thematic seminars, round tables, territorial assemblies, implementation of a collaborative website, involvement of the Municipal Council of the Urban Master Plan (CMPDU) and realization of the Municipal Conference on Urban Policy (Encontro da Cidade), in which the draft of the Master Plan bill was presented, discussed and voted on. Thus, the process incorporated the participatory methodology recommended by the Ministry of Cities and the corresponding legislation. The effectiveness of participation according to the guidelines of the City Statute is still an ongoing process, but the inclusion of democratic management mechanisms is a reality in Vitória, constituting an institutional advance.


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Mendes, M. C. P. ., & Goulart, J. O. . (2021). The participatory process in the review of the Master Plan of Vitória (2014-2018). Revista Nacional De Gerenciamento De Cidades, 9(73).