Between “Glórias”: Landscapes of Forgetting in Glória Neighborhood — Rio de Janeiro


  • Domitila Almenteiro Mestranda PROARQ, UFRJ, Brasil
  • Vera Tângari Professora Doutora, UFRJ, Brasil.



landscape, public open spaces, territorialities, multiscale analysis, narratives


The article looks at everyday public open spaces and the different forms of their appropriation in the surroundings of the short wall located in the neighborhood of Glória, in Rio de Janeiro, through a multiscale landscape analysis that identified the short wall as a landscape structuring element. The short wall is a vestige of the past, driving the ‘displacement’ and forgetting of the Guanabara Bay, while also being a remembrance of the place’s bygone waters and histories. It also works as a physical limit that conforms different spaces, occupied mainly by social groups formed by workers, transvestites and homeless people who make these spaces their place of living, working and resisting, but even so continue to be “forgotten” by society and the government. This text results from the author’s Master’s research at the UFRJ Post-graduate Program in architecture, and from her personal experiences in the neighborhood of Glória. By identifying different landscape units, evaluation criteria were defined and divided into five perspectives, making it possible to characterize the territory through different aspects that shed light on the intangible dimensions of the landscape, particularly its conflicts and contradictions. The results are presented in maps and section cuts, and summarized in an analytical chart.



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Almenteiro, D., & Tângari, V. (2023). Between “Glórias”: Landscapes of Forgetting in Glória Neighborhood — Rio de Janeiro. Revista Nacional De Gerenciamento De Cidades, 11(82).