Influence of magnetically treated water on blood biochemical parameters in beef cattle


  • Allan Leon Casemiro da Silva Phd, FCE/UNESP, Brazil.
  • Camila Pires Cremasco Gabriel
  • Fernando Ferrari Putti Professor Phd, FCE/UNESP, Brazil.
  • Marcelo George Mungai Chacur Phd, FMVZ/UNESP, Brazil.
  • Luís Roberto Almeida Gabriel Filho Professor Phd, FCE/UNESP, Brazil.
  • Isamara Batata Andrade Master’s, UNOESTE, Brazil.



Beef cattle, magnetized water, blood biochemistry


As with any technology to increase productivity in beef cattle, good herd management and improvement practices must be integrated to obtain superior quantitative and qualitative productivity rankings. Therefore, this study aimed to verify the effects of the use of magnetically treated water on productive parameters of beef cattle, especially animal blood biochemistry, final weight, and carcass finishing traits. A comparison was performed with a group of 10 animals in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The use of magnetically treated water (MTW) did not influence the improvement in the blood biochemical indices of animals regarding the variables potassium (K), ionic calcium (iCa), chlorine (Cl), and cholesterol. The MTW group presented a 1.2% concentration index for the variable sodium (Na) in the blood compared to the control group.


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Silva , A. L. C. da, Gabriel, C. P. C., Putti, F. F., Chacur, M. G. M., Gabriel Filho, L. R. A., & Andrade, I. . B. (2023). Influence of magnetically treated water on blood biochemical parameters in beef cattle. Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental Da Alta Paulista, 19(4).

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