Analysis of the approach to environmental education in the VerdeAzul Municipality program


  • João Paulo Pereira Duarte Doutorando em Ciências Ambientais, UFSCAR, Brasil.
  • Luiz César Ribas Professor Assistente Doutor, UNESP, Brasil.



Planning, Environmental Education, Cities


The awareness of the importance of the environment in people's lives is effectively promoted through Environmental Education. Thus, it is crucial for the state to play an active role by providing resources that offer experiences related to this field, aiming to broaden the population's understanding of environmental interconnections and their implications. In this context, a qualitative analysis of the directive of the Green Blue Municipality Program (PMVA) related to Environmental Education is sought. This analysis is based on key state and national documents in this area, including the National Environmental Education Policy (PNEA), the National Environmental Education Program (ProNEA), the State Environmental Education Program (PEEA-SP), the National Curriculum Parameters (PCN - 1st to 4th grades), and the National Curriculum Parameters (PCN - 5th to 8th grades). In general, it is concluded that the criteria established by the PMVA in the directive related to Environmental Education are aligned with the main environmental programs and policies in the country. This alignment represents a significant advancement and contributes to the standardization of legally promoting Environmental Education practices. However, it is imperative that the PMVA stays updated, keeping pace with contemporary demands. Initially conceived in 2007, the program addressed the challenges of that time. However, considering that new issues and perspectives have emerged, it is essential for the program to adapt to this constantly evolving reality. This update will provide more effective planning for municipalities in Environmental Education management, promoting an approach more in line with current needs and challenges.


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Duarte, J. P. P., & Ribas, L. C. (2023). Analysis of the approach to environmental education in the VerdeAzul Municipality program. Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental Da Alta Paulista, 19(6).