Socio-environmental Vulnerability: Municipality of Três Rios/RJ


  • Pâmela de Oliveira Lopes Master's student, PROARQ/FAU/UFRJ
  • Patricia Regina Chaves Drach PhD Professor, PROURB/FAU/UFRJ / DAU/ESDI/UERJ



Três Rios/RJ, Socio-environmental vulnerability, Criticality, Supportability, Slips, Floods


The dominance of natural space directly affects everyday life: the search for economic growth is a double-edged sword, on the one hand it offers opportunities, on the other it shows perversion... floods, floods, landslides, violence, segregation. How to identify the criticality of a place? And its support capacity? The relationship between the two requires interdisciplinary studies, in order to understand the levels of socio-environmental vulnerability that a place may be subjected to, the basis of this research in the development of the concept of vulnerability of the place, worked from the analysis of demographic, morphological, cultural characteristics, resources available resources and infrastructure in Três Rios, a city in the interior of the State of Rio de Janeiro. To this end, studies were developed on the process of formation, organization and evolution of the city and the production of georeferenced cartography to support studies of soil, water bodies and their relationship with the urban fabric. Thus, arriving at indications of urban improvements.


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Lopes, P. de O., & Drach, P. R. C. (2023). Socio-environmental Vulnerability: Municipality of Três Rios/RJ. Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental Da Alta Paulista, 19(6).