Conservation Units as a development tool(s)


  • Gabriel Mathias Ferrari PhD Student, UTFPR, Brazil.
  • Miguel Angelo Perondi Professor, UTFPR, Brazil.



Conservation unit, Sustainable development., Ethnodevelopment


This study attepted to relate the conservation units from to the National System of Conservation Units (Sistema Nacional de Unidade de Conservação, in Brazilian Portuguese – SNUC) with two types of development: sustainable development and ethnodevelopment. This study aimed to characterize the developments and then present the types of conservation units according to their goals in order to relate which of them can be considered an instrument for these types of development. The study also aimed to offer the reader an overview on the current state of our society regarding forms of consumption and the relationship between men and nature. A qualitative, exploratory and descriptive research approach was used to arrive at the results. In the end, it was possible to identify that, of the twelve types of conservation units that exist in the SNUC, seven of them can be used as an instrument to promote development, through sustainable development and ethno-development. These results could lead to the increasing adoption of Conservation Units as tools in development studies.


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Ferrari, G. M., & Perondi, M. A. (2023). Conservation Units as a development tool(s). Periódico Eletrônico Fórum Ambiental Da Alta Paulista, 19(6).